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Sorores Jesu Eucharistici - Lay associates

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Lay associates

The group of lay companions who share in the spirituality and mission of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Jesus was founded in 1980. Lay associates live throughout Lithuania and abroad. They promise to live in the spirit of the Evangelical counsels and to follow the example of the Eucharistic Jesus by constantly growing in self-giving love. The spirituality of the lay associates, like that of the sisters, originates in Ignatian spirituality. Lay associates seek to implement the Ignatian principle of “Magis” (“more,” living in communion with God) and contemplation in action; they practice daily meditation and examination of conscience. They are committed to fulfill their vocation to holiness and to participate in the mission of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Jesus. Lay associates regularly meet in small groups to share their experiences in their spiritual journey and to pray together in union with the sisters.

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